Barker Daniels is written and directed by Michael Moutsatsos.

Scheduled Release: Spring, 2015

Pearce on a set break as young Barker Daniels.

Pearce paying homage to writer/director Michael Moutsatsos,

with Caroline Bielskis as Lila Daniels.

Pearce Joza

Pearce as young Barker Daniels with Caroline Bielskis as Lila Daniels.

Barker Daniels

Pearce opens this feature film in the kitchen playing young Barker Daniels with Caroline Bielskis in the role of Barker's abusive mother, Lila.  Pearce was called on to use his southern accent as young Barker, as well as a depth of dramatic skill.

At the end of his intense open audition, while over 50 adults watched, writer/director Michael Moutsatsos exclaimed, "Damn, boy, that was great!"


As a young child Barker witnesses the murder of his father at the hands of Lila.  Realizing he can no longer live with his mother's torture, Barker leaves his home in West Virginia and makes his way to Hollywood.