Pearce with actor/co-writer/co-producer/director Johnnie Stapleton.

Watch Pearce as he plays two roles:  young lead, Johnny,

and his first persona, the misbehaving Jack.

Co-written and co-produced 

by Jonnie Stapleton and Domenico Grasso.

Directed by Jonnie Stapleton.

Jonnie also stars as the adult Johnny.

Pearce performing a scene as Johnny's misbehaving persona, Jack,

with Domenico Grasso, cinematographer/co-writer/producer .

Pearce discusses a scene set-up with and actor/writer/director Johnnie Stapleton.

Pearce Joza

Best of Seven

Pearce opens this noir-comedy about a guy with multiple personalities (seven, to be exact) who wins the lottery, only to have each identity try to eliminate the others to keep the money.

In a heart-wrenching opening scene, Pearce, as the young lead, Johnny, learns he has multiple personality disorder.

Pearce plays young Johnny and Johnny's first persona, Jack, who talks Johnny into misbehaving.

As Johnny grows up, his multiple personality disorder worsens and more personas appear. During the screening in early August movie-goers laughed at the hilarious premise, and were moved by the movie's sweet message of acceptance and life's struggles.

Director Jonnie Stapleton was impressed with Pearce's ability to create two very different distinctive roles in only two days of filming.

Actor/co-writer/co-producer/director Johnnie Stapleton with Pearce.