Featured in the Vienna Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, LA Film Festival, OUTFEST and Hollyshorts.

Pearce plays Jake in BOYS, a thoughtful character-driven short film. It is a complex piece portraying a first pre-sexual experience, featuring Jake's best friend, Brian, grappling with a social issue often deemed too tabu to discuss. 

Brian and Jake, both 12, are best friends; they live in the same suburb and have been attending the same school their entire lives.  BOYS exists in an ephemeral dream/memory world that opens on the first day of their summer vacation in 1997 when they play together in the sprinklers in Jake's backyard.

Exploring their world with a gentle adolescent naïveté, the boys experience a loss of innocence as their maturation begins when Brian, trying to understand his sexuality and the definition of his relationship with Jake, comes to sleep over at Jake's. 

Pearce is proud to have been cast in this sensitive portrayal of adolescent development.

Pearce Joza

Pearce, as Jake, shares a sweet moment with his girlfriend, Katie, played by Alexis Jayde Burnett

Pearce, as Jake, and Wyatt Griswold, as Brian, share a moment while playing in the sprinklers 

Co-written and co-produced 

by Jonnie Stapleton and Domenico Grasso.

Directed by Jonnie Stapleton.

Jonnie also stars as the adult Johnny.

Pearce, as Jake, with actor Wyatt Griswold,   in the role of Brian, prank call random phone numbers