Pearce strikes a pose before getting into character as Barry the Bully .

Pearce with some of the cast of DooDoo's Revenge.

Pearce Joza

DooDoo's Revenge


Pearce plays Barry, one of Dudley Q Washington's (known as “DooDoo” to his classmates) nemesis'.

DooDoo’s Revenge illustrates a tough day in the life story of DooDoo who is dealing with a negligent mom and more than one bully.


Pearce abandoned his real-life polite demeanor for one of a taunter.  This project was near and dear to Pearce who at age nine was the first (and only) student to speak at the Colorado Charter School Convention after helping to open a charter middle school with a focus on helping victims of bullying and bullies.

Written and produced by educator, Taheerah Jackson, designed to raise awareness for disadvantaged youth.

Pearce with some of the cast of DooDoo's Revenge,

and Director Sev DeMyers and Producer David Hale.