Co-written by Marilyn Anderson and Richard Rossne.

Directed by Doug Bilitch of DreamFactory Entertainment. 

Pearce with Grant McLellan, who plays Cory, on set.

Pearce with "the bad guys" during a tech break on set.

Pearce Joza

Pearce, third from left, with cast mates on the set of How to Beat a Bully.

How to Beat A Bully

Pearce plays bully, Kirk, who picks on the new kid, Cory.

To protect himself Cory doesn’t use his fists, he scares the bullies off by fibbing that his father is a hit man for the mob.

Word quickly spreads and gets the attention of REAL mobsters.  Now Cory’s Dad has a problem!

As shenanigans between bullies, Cory's family & mobsters ensue, Cory finds a way to make things right.

As Kirk, Pearce is persuaded to follow Cory as the new leader with the would-be mobster Dad, then to help Cory out of a jam.  This role allowed Pearce to show off his comedic timing and physical humor.