Pearce, in a dramatically tense scene, explaining

to his on-screen father that he's actually the villain, Marcus.

Lab Rats

Bionic Island


Pearce plays surprise 4th bionic sibling, Daniel, in Disney XD's #1 rated show.  Although Lab Rats is a comedy series, Pearce was called upon to bring his dramatic skills as a boy who has just learned about his real father, discovering lies about his life.

​The legions of loyal fans were initially skeptical upon learning of Daniel, the 4th bionic sibling.  Subsequent to the airing of the first of three episodes in which Pearce performed, his social media accounts were abuzz with happy and supportive viewers.

Lab Rats premiered on February 27, 2012, on Disney XD, and aired through February 3, 2016. The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, produced by It's a Laugh Productions. 

The successful series focuses on the life of teenager Leo Dooley, whose mother, Tasha, marries billionaire genius Donald Davenport. Leo then meets Adam, Bree, and Chase, three bionic superhumans with whom he develops a close friendship and eventually teams up with to "save the day" each episode.

Pearce as Daniel working out the confict with his on-screen father, Douglas, played by Jeremy Kent Jackson, pictured.

Pearce as Daniel being brought to his father, Douglas (played by Jeremy Kent Jackson), by the local officer.

Pearce as Daniel, deflated as he overhears his on-screen father

say he wishes Daniel did not come to Bionic Island.

Pearce Joza