Pearce with writer/director, Elaine Chu, at the first Industry Screening.

Pearce with writer/director, Elaine Chu, and lead, Tiffany Kieu,

at the Downtown Los Angeles Regal Theatre.

Pearce Joza

Pearce, cast mates and and crew of The Purgation.

Watch this pre-production scene of Pearce in The Purgation

Pearce as imaginary friend, Caden, on set with young Iris,

played by Megan Truong.

The Purgation

Pearce plays Iris’s childhood imaginary friend, Caden, in this psychological thriller.  Does Caden help and comfort Iris, or does he make her life more difficult?...

Iris thinks she’s going crazy. To stay sane, she must confront her past by revisiting the site of a childhood trauma – the old county asylum.


Pearce was called upon to interact with Iris while in the group of Iris's  friends who, of course, could not see Caden.