"My parents took me to see plays when I was very young.  

When I was three they took me to see Frog & Toad.  

After it was over I asked to go on stage.  

The bed was really a piece of plywood – cool!  

The back of Toad’s house was the back of the stage – interesting!  

So I asked my mom “Why am I out there (in the audience) and not up here?!”  

I was lucky that I got to spend my preschool years at home pretending logs were submarines, and milk crates with wooden spoons were the controls of a helicopter.  

​Once I was on stage I knew this awesome pretend world was for me!  

My hometown of Durango, Colorado gave me a great foundation as an actor. When I was nine I started asking (begging!) my parents to move to LA so I could have access to different coaches and a variety of projects." 


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In addition to these featured performances, Pearce also acted in Aladdin, Sleepy Hollow, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Frog & Toad Winne-The-Pooh and The Aristocats.

Pearce performing in an intense role as The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Pearce Joza

Pearce singing That's The Life For Me as Centipede in James and the Giant Peach.